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Department of Community Medicine & School of Public Health

The Postgradute Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) was established in 1962 which was later declared as an “Institute of National Importance” by an act of parliament on 1st April 1967 when the administrative control was passed on to an autonomous body.

The institute endeavors to produce specialists in the field of medicine and public health and to provide the best healthcare teaching and research facilities.



National Confrence on Tobacco and Health


25th septemper-27th September, 2020


PGIMER Chandigarh



51st Union World Conference on Lung Health


21st October-24th October, 2020


Seville, Spain



World Congress on Tobacco and Smoking Cessation


Oct 12-13, 2020


Sydney ,Australia

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National level needs assessment of technical resource material for capacity building, public education,
multi-stakeholder engagement and networking and requirement of monitoring, evaluation and research
material for tobacco control,

Tobacco Free Times

Conflict of Interest Declaration

E- Resource Centre for Tobacco Control, PGIMER Chandigarh

Tobacco is the gateway to the world of addiction. Each year millions of children in
India begin experimenting with tobacco use and become lifelong addicts. Global
evidence suggests that tobacco use is the leading cause of premature mortality. It
prevents individuals, families, communities and nations from achieving their fullest
potential and development goals. The tobacco industry is among the most corrupt
and venal in its practices. The WHO and many leading public health organizations
have warned that the tobacco industries would mislead governments and
communities to achieve its profits by advancing their addictive products.

To this end, E-Resource Centre for Tobacco Control (E-RCTC) believes in
promoting a healthy lifestyle for all by opposing tobacco use and addiction. RCTC
recognizes a fundamental conflict of interest between the tobacco industry and
public health. To achieve these goals in our lifetime would require us to stay away
from tobacco, alcohol and intoxicant substances in any form.

E-RCTC does not partner with any entity directly or indirectly related to and /or
engaged with the tobacco industry. We do not partner, invest in or get invest by
organizations with interests in the tobacco industry, or those who further the
agenda of tobacco companies. We do not and shall not accept and / or endorse any
direct or indirect support from the tobacco industry neither in cash and nor in